Define a Niche and Dominate it

I’ve been asked, “If there was one key, one thing I could do… If you had to boil it down to just one thing, what would be that one thing that would help any business owner – especially a small or mid-size business owner – succeed in business?” That answer is very simple for me: […]

Gain a Competitive Advantage and Promote it

Don’t be just another No. 2. “Oh, I’m another printer.” “I’m another website company.” “I’m another service provider.” I’m another this or I’m another that. Don’t be another business just like the one next to you. First of all, you have to actually have a competitive advantage. Marketing is not enough. You can’t just come […]

Go Where the Money Flows

Going where the money flows is a very important key to succeeding in your business no matter what happens. Too many times we may focus on our product, we may focus on our service, we may focus on even our target market, and we may just be so focused on these things, that we forget […]

Knock, Knock, Knock and Keep on Knocking… Intelligently

Knock, knock, knock and keep on knocking. Let me tell you, there is some profound wisdom in that statement. Winston Churchill is famous for never, never, never giving up. There is something about continuing to persevere no matter what happens. I want to talk about that, but I want to briefly put a little caveat […]

Don’t just Have Customers. Have Raving Fans

If you want to succeed, build and grow your business no matter what happens, don’t have customers. In fact, get rid of your customers. Do you know what you need? Raving fans. You may have read books about this, or heard about it somewhere else, but let me tell you something: It works. You have […]

Use your Head

You have to stop sometimes. You have to take step back sometimes. You have to look and see what trends are taking place in the market, what is going on in your industry, what is happening with your customer base, what is going on with your product and whether it’s positioned perfectly for the people […]

It All Begins In Your Mind

I’m not going to attempt to be a self-help guru here. I’m not going to pretend to be a motivational speaker. I’m not going to be telling you today that if you just believe, you will achieve. I’m not going to venture into a self-help seminar. I believe those things are helpful, but it’s not […]