Advice on Attracting the Right Companies to Your Community

You want to be as attractive as possible for businesses looking to relocate or expand their operations. However, you have a great deal of competition. Not only does your community need to compete with other cities within your state, but you need to compete regionally and even nationally. More and more, companies are looking at […]

Look Who’s Moving to Texas

Texas has a reputation as being business-focused. In fact, it’s one of the best states in the country for small, medium and even large businesses, evidenced by the number of companies making inroads into the Lone Star State. You’ll find companies in virtually every sector of the economy moving south, including some of the most […]

Business Relocation Trends: Who Moved in 2017 and What to Expect for 2018

Businesses move. They do so for any number of different reasons, and they relocate to communities that match their needs in a myriad of areas. While 2017 hasn’t been a banner year for high-profile relocations, businesses are still on the move. With that being said, there were several big-name firms that decided to call it […]

Social Media Trends: Crucial Considerations in Economic Development

In addition to having a robust website, your EDO needs a presence on social media platforms in order to attract site selectors and potential investors. Social media has become a “must” in marketing for virtually all sectors, but it is also one of the most easily misused tools in your toolbox. Understanding the current trends […]

Economic Development Websites: Understanding Trends and Best Practices

The Internet has enabled global commerce on a scale never before possible and in a way that touches directly on the trends and best practices for economic development websites. Website design is of particular importance when considering site selectors and the process they go through when attempting to find the right community. It is imperative […]