Build a Strategy

When you want to build your business through online marketing, you have to first build your brand. The brand of your business is the collection of your company, from the products you offer to customer service. It is, essentially, all the parts of your business put together into one nice, neat package. Too often we, as […]

The Importance of SEO

As has been noted a few times already in this book, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps the most important consideration in online marketing. Search Engines drive over 90% of all new traffic to websites. That means that out of every ten new visits that websites achieve, more than nine of them originated with a […]

Build a Website that Attracts Business

How important is it to have a website that is well designed, easy to navigate, and is attractive? If you need an answer to that question, just look to any print or television commercial that is produced for a national audience and pay attention to the details. A local business may spend two thousand dollars […]

Link Build the Right Way

Link building is a commonly overlooked, yet exceedingly important, aspect of search engine optimization and therefore online marketing. During the ancient times of the Internet (about ten years ago), link building consisted of buying bulk packages and having your link added to hundreds of other sites that were also part of the same package. Search […]

Video Marketing that Produces Results

Ten years ago, video marketing wasn’t even a consideration for online businesses. Most users had dial-up connections and anything beyond basic images would load too slowly and visitors would give up waiting and click away. Today, everything is different when it comes to video marketing thanks to the revolution of high speed Internet connections. While […]

PPC (Pay Per Click) that Works

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC as it is commonly referred, was a game changer on the Internet. When Google launched Adwords, they launched a revolution in online marketing. Over the years, not much has changed with regard to the fundamentals of PPC advertising and while Google generates more than 97% of its total revenue from Adwords, […]

PR (Press Release) and Article Marketing

One of the most important evolutions to online marketing in recent years has to deal with article marketing and press releases. Article submission sites and press release sites have become a highly competitive landscape and with their high standards for submission and ability to limit linking within the content, search engines are giving these article […]

Social Media

On the surface, social media may appear to be something that should be relegated to the teenagers and young adults who simply want to connect with friends, and with people they don’t even know who ultimately are listed as ‘friends’ and who want to play games and share pictures and so on. Yet even though […]

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s economy, more and more people are seeking out alternative means of making money. With that, affiliate marketing (which has been around for many years) has taken on new and interesting pathways thanks to the power of the Internet. Any individual who aspires to be successful with affiliate marketing has to understand a few […]

Email Marketing

Email marketing has changed dramatically through the years. Thanks to the spammers over all this time, there are rules, regulations, and even laws that prohibit spam. Still, most of us know all too well that it continues almost unabated to this day. Why is that? Well, for the most part, any time that a person […]