Upbeat and Increasing: The Aerospace and Defense Industry Is on the Rise

While the entire economy has improved in the US, individual sectors regularly outperform the market as whole. One of those that has seen significant growth both within the US and around the world is the aerospace and defense industry, generally referred to as A&D. What’s more, the industry is bolstered by a number of subsectors […]

What Is Biotech Doing in 2017 and Where Will the Sector Go in 2018?

Biotechnology – is there another industry with its fingers in so many different pies? It’s unlikely. Biotechnology covers everything from immunology research to GMO crops. It’s an incredibly vast industry, with an immense amount of potential for growth and profitability. However, there is also a great deal of uncertainty here. As Deloitte noted in the […]

Business Relocation Trends: Who Moved Where in 2017 and What to Expect for 2018

Businesses move. They do so for any number of different reasons, and they relocate to communities that match their needs in a myriad of areas. While 2017 hasn’t been a banner year for high-profile relocations, businesses are still on the move. With that being, said, there were several big-name firms that decided to call it […]