In order to produce quality jobs at wages which benefit your community and generate tax dollars, you need an experienced partner to help you attract, retain, and grow businesses in your area. That’s what we do!


Investment Attraction

We develop and implement programs to attract companies which match what your community offers and needs.

During the past two decades, we have analyzed information from multiple industries based on conversations with thousands of key executives throughout the world. We know by experience which industries are in expansion or relocation mode and from which geographical regions. We are your marketing and market intelligence industry leader.

Our primary Investment Attraction services include:

  • Target Industry Studies

  • Lead Generation Campaigns

  • Geographic Site Visit Meetings

  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Industry Cluster Analysis


Technology is the economic driver which makes all the difference in running an effective and efficient organization. We build technology solutions specifically designed to help economic development organizations operate more efficiently.

Our primary technology solutions include:

  • Economic Development Websites (Click here to view Featured Websites)

  • Online Commercial Properties Databases

  • Prospect Management Systems

  • Custom Databases and Applications

  • Mobile Applications

Marketing & Promotions

We help you understand your unique selling proposition then effectively market and promote your brand to the businesses which match what you have to offer.

Our primary Marketing & Promotion services include:

  • Branding

  • Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Social Media Strategies and Implementation