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Website Development

20 years of website development experience SPECIFICALLY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT at work for you!

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Step 1: Discovery

During this initial planning phase, your website project begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery in which we assist you in clarifying your goals and objectives for the new website. We will conduct an introductory conference call with your team to discuss:

  • Your Current Situation
  • Project Requirements
  • Website Functionality
  • Brand Standards
  • Target Audiences
  • Desired Outcomes for New Website



  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Project Setup
  • Timeline & Milestone Setup

Step 2: Architecture

We will provide suggestions and create a “sitemap” to organize the layout of the website and provide titles for each page.



  • Document containing website content outline

Step 3: Content Development

We will aid in content development, including researching and proposing content, contributing additional writing assistance, and editing existing content for length, style and continuity. In order to provide the best narrative for each page, our team will interview your subject-matter expert(s), and record the call, enabling them to retain every aspect of valuable information discussed. Once the narrative is created for each page, your team has the opportunity to review the draft and make one (1) round of edits before it is added to the website.



  • Additional content as needed
  • Revisions for existing content
  • Subject-matter interviews
  • Page Narratives Created

Step 4: Design

We will design a completely new and modern economic development website based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and information provided, which will be unique to your organization. This website will feature a clean, modern, and aesthetic design, enabling the user to easily engage and digest content. We will start by using the basic design style of your marketing materials, but will also provide alternative designs for your consideration. If selected as the final design for your website, the new design can be used to update your printed materials, which is detailed in a separate proposal.


Design Process:

  • Our team will produce three (3) design options for your selection process.
  • You will provide input regarding your preference to either combine aspects from all designs or simply revise one you find most appealing.
  • A second-round of adjustments will be made to create an initial, rough mockup of a final design.
  • We work with you to refine the final design until you are completely satisfied with the results.
  • We will design a mobile version of your approved homepage and provide a template to demonstrate how your website will adjust to fit various screen sizes.



  • A complete, customized website design template that will be used as the base template for all pages.
  • Each page will use this basic template, but will be customized with text, graphics, images, and videos.
  • Revisions of concept model
  • One mobile homepage concept template

Step 5: Development

Your website will contain a combination of practicality and creativity to ensure your visitors are able to easily find the content needed and quickly take the action required.


Content Management System:

We will build your website on a user-friendly, content management system which enables your team to make updates with little or no coding knowledge. We will provide administrative access to your new website, enabling you to add pages, content, images, PDFs, documents, videos, etc., as well as, make changes to existing pages as needed.



We will optimize your website’s efficiency for image compression, caching, and other technical speed enhancements. Increasing the speed with which each page loads is a technical component to improve usability and SEO effectiveness. This optimization will make your website more user-friendly and bandwidth-friendly.


Responsive Website Design:

We will develop a website which is responsive to various devices. A vast majority of people who view your website will do so from a mobile device such as, a tablet or smartphone; therefore, it is more important than ever for your website design to be viewable across various screen sizes.


Social Media Links:

We will add your social media profile links to all pages of the website. If you do not have existing profiles, we can create specific economic development profiles for your organization as detailed in a separate proposal.


Analytics Integration:

We will integrate your website with Google Analytics. Website statistics are the “biometrics” of your website.  These statistics show valuable information such as the number of visitors, page views, viewing time, country of origin, etc.  The information they offer can help you make important decisions on the effectiveness of your website and the focus of your audience when they visit.


Translation Application:

We will install a translation application to allow certain non-English readers the opportunity to view your website information in their own language.



We will perform website and application testing to ensure the new website is fully functional and runs smoothly and securely. Testing is an essential part of web development which ensures your website is running properly before it is revealed to the public. We will test your website using Windows 7+ and Mac on the following browsers: Chrome, IE9+, and Safari as well as on both Android and iOS platforms to ensure seamless usability for viewers.



  • Customization of website on content management system for easy updating
  • Optimization of website
  • Responsive website design for various devices
  • Links to social media profiles on all pages
  • Website analytics integration
  • Translation application installed
  • Website testing with multiple browsers and platforms

Step 6: Launch

After the development phase is complete, we will perform a final launch checklist. You will have the opportunity to review the entire website and make final revisions to ensure the website meets your satisfaction.  Once the website has undergone the final revisions and refinements, we will make your website live.



  • Final Revisions
  • Perform Final Launch Checklist
  • Fully Functional Website

Step 7: Training

We will provide up to two (2) hours of training via webinar to explain the content management system allowing you to add/update content, images, videos, PDFs, documents, etc. Training will be held online, recorded, and saved for future use and reference. However, there is no need to worry. As your website development partner, we will support you during the first year as you become accustomed to working with the content management system and will be available to answer your questions. Additionally, we can offer extended training sessions or even make the revisions and updates for you, as detailed in separate proposals.